I'm a final year PhD student working on deep learning for protein design, advised by Possu Huang at Stanford. I also interned at DeepMind in 2022, working on the Science team with Simon Kohl, Russ Bates, and Rob Fergus. I was first introduced to this field as an undergraduate when I interned at Caltech in 2016, working with Shyam Saladi and Bil Clemons.

My thesis research has revolved around developing new methods to design proteins de novo, mostly using deep generative modeling. These methods allow us to make more coherent alterations to proteins and sample broadly from protein structure space to solve different engineering problems.

As an undergraduate I was very interested in sustainability and food security. My earliest experiences in science involved uncovering and characterizing genetic factors underlying various plant processes, including sugar and natural product biosynthesis. This was done with Eric Jellen and Jason Kenealey at BYU, Anne Osbourn at JIC, and Wang Bin at Nanjing University.

In my spare time you might find me cooking or eating or exploring in the outdoors.